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Wining & Dining in a Halong Bay Grotto

The Captain

29 May 2014

On May 17, some forty passengers packed black tie and evening dress for the 10th Annual Wine & Dine Cruise Classic. Of more than 200 hundred pictures taken over the two-day gala, we think these six best tell the story.

Passengers jumped for joy when they heard the all aboard whistle at the Emeraude Pier.

The Emeraude steered a course through the magnificent limestone karsts of Halong Bay, meeting junks here and there upon the water. Said one man looking out from the sun-deck of the luxuriously appointed Emeraude: "Hmm...everything else is junk."

The bay's jade green waters beckoned in the late afternoon, and the passengers complied.

The sun complied, too, setting in picture-perfect fashion behind one of the bay's great studs.

And then, at last, it was time to dress to the nines, in black tie and evening dress...

...for dinner in a candle-lit grotto in one of the bay's most fanstatic caves.

Busting a Few Moves on the Sundeck

The Captain

9 May 2014

Sunrise on Halong Bay. Dawn is reddening the eastern horizon between two of the bay’s iconic karsts. There’s bird chatter in the vegetative scruff that ekes out a living on the limestone monoliths. And the bay’s residents are creaking oars, already at work on that day’s liv.....

Bioluminescence on Halong Bay

The Captain

31 Mar 2014

Certain natural phenomena are so otherworldly, and so eerie, that people travel great distances just to witness the spectacle. Think of Aurora Borealis, the harvest moon, the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse. Remember the way Carly Simon sang it:“You flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia t.....