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A five minute 'snapshot' of Halong Bay

The Captain

16 Sep 2014

Ever since the rise of the smart phone, we have never cruised the jade green waters of Halong Bay without someone taking video of this spectacular seascape. Happens day in, and day out. One recent passenger was so thrilled by his voyage that he really worked at getting just the right footage, and he worked up this five minute ’snapshot’ of his trip. Before you’re bowled over by the quality of this video, as we were, we have to make a full disclosure. The videographer on this movie is a friend of the Emeraude’s owner!

Halong Perspectives

The Captain

25 Aug 2014

Like travelers in general, the media who come to Vietnam inevitably find their way to Halong Bay. The Emeraude recently welcomes five travel writers from the United States, courtesy of long-haul air provided by Cathay Pacific. This is what they saw…

How the Emeraude Weathers a Typhoon

The Captain

30 Jul 2014

Extreme weather and natural cataclysms seem to be ever more frequently in the news these days. Look no further than the tsunamis that have devastated Southeast Asia and Japan in the past ten years; the earthquakes in Haiti and China; the floods, the extreme heat, and not, least of all, the typhoon.....