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What Happened to the Emeraude

The Captain

2 Jul 2014

The sea is tough on a boat. Salt is corrosive. Pummeling rain storms age decking. And the relentless sun doesn’t quite cause cancer or wrinkles, but it does age a vessel’s complexion in a way that continually requires freshening. That’s why we bear down on integral maintenance on an annual basis.

On June 1 of this year, we hauled the Emeraude out of Halong Bay for a month’s respite in dry dock. The following five pictures tell a little bit of the Emeraude’s dry-land adventure.

Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise Maintenance

We x-ray the Emeraude’s hull to ensure the integrity of the steel. Sometimes, as in this image, the compromised sections are obvious.

Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise Maintenance

So, we cut out the corroded plates and weld in the new sections. Good as new.

Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise Maintenance

Sometimes, it seems as if a boat is no more than a case for an intricate network of pipes carrying water and carrying waste. Pipes age, pipes leak, and when they do we dismantle, we clean and we replace as need be.

Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise Maintenance

This year, the boat’s top suite - the Paul Roque Suite - went in for a full-on renovation. In this picture, our crew works on an air conditioning duct. Get a load of the mechanic’s pith helmet. Old headwear habits die hard in Vietnam.

Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise Maintenance

Voila. Spiffed up and ready for another season, the Emeraude is looking good after another round of sanding and painting.

Wining & Dining in a Halong Bay Grotto

The Captain

29 May 2014

On May 17, some forty passengers packed black tie and evening dress for the 10th Annual Wine & Dine Cruise Classic. Of more than 200 hundred pictures taken over the two-day gala, we think these six best tell the story.   Passengers jumped for joy when they heard the all aboard .....

Busting a Few Moves on the Sundeck

The Captain

9 May 2014

Sunrise on Halong Bay. Dawn is reddening the eastern horizon between two of the bay’s iconic karsts. There’s bird chatter in the vegetative scruff that ekes out a living on the limestone monoliths. And the bay’s residents are creaking oars, already at work on that day’s liv.....